Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exotic Palate


Jackfruit as shown above is one of many exotic Asian tropical fruits. They are grown in many Asian countries including but not limited to India, China, Malaysa, Australia, Myanmar, Phillipines, Endonesia and its the national fruit of Bangladesh. It is a bit sticky as you open up the giant, heavy and rough all over green fruit. These green giants can weigh up to 75 LBS.

Durian- Smells great.

Well this is just an opinion as 99.5% of others may not agree with me. Would you believe 99.6%? How about 100%? I came across this tropical Asian fruit a few years ago in one of the Asian markets where I live. Food drives my curiosity. I am the Christopher Columbus of food. Well, vegetarian food that is.

So when I first bought one of these thorny things, I could not wait to get home and open it and see what the inside looks like. It was frozen, so I waited a while for it to thaw. Then at work I went, as I knew this would require some extensive cutting for its shape and size. I thought to myself, maybe I need gloves so I will not get scraped from the thorns all around it. I was brave enough that I ignored my subconcious mind. So I went and cut the thing in half and I started to smell the perfume so to speak. At first I really thought it stunk like a skunk. I then tried some and it was ok but nothing spectacular. After finishing to take out the custard like fruit from the insides and tossing them in a bowl, I then proceeded to place it in the fridge. Not such a good idea as for the next few days until I finished the fruit, the fridge took the smell of the durian. The good news is that by the time I ate the last piece of this wonderful fruit, I actually liked it. A few days later, I went and bought another one. I have not looked back since. The taste is sweet with a custard like texture. There are seeds inside which should not be consumed however.

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Potatoes Deluxe

There are a huge variety of potatoes available. They can come in different shapes and sizes as well as colors. The textures however are quite similiar to the everyday white potato with distinctive flavors. Some varieties of these roots have names most of us never herd of. These include: Taro, purple yam, arrow root, yucca root (also called cassava), golden sweet potato, bonata, malangai, Jicama, and Japanese Yam, just to name a few.
Taro and malangai look very alike except taro is a bit more hairier on the outside. Though the large taro lack the hair and look like logs with there shape and texture. They are both slimy in texture, though with cooking the slimyness tends to decrease. If you ever been to Hawaii, you may be familiar with one of there native dishes called Poi. It is made with taro and water.